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We are an authorized dealer for leading brands like BABOLAT, HEAD, PRINCE, PENN, SOLINCO, GAMMA, and TECNIFIBRE.

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Our Pro Shop offers racquets, shoes, shirts, skirts, socks, grips, strings, hats, wristbands, headbands, tennis balls, vibration dampeners, and lead tape; as well as gifts, racquet stringing (same day service), grommets and grip replacement...

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New SB School of Tennis T-Shirts
Santa Barbara School of Tennis T-Shirts: $35 + tax

New SB School of Tennis T-Shirts - Front New SB School of Tennis T-Shirts - Back

Tennis racquets stringing (by certified professional) with our Prince 5000 Electronic Professional Stringing Machine, which offers unmatched accuracy thanks to its top-of-the-line "High Speed Quad" four point frame mounting system and the "Silencer" tension head with a unique electro mechanical design and microchip processing:

Stringing with top-of-the-line PRINCE 5000 Stringing Machine

• Stringing:
- $35 plus the string
- $30 for members or with purchase of pre-paid card*
- $25 for OTA players
• Grommets replacement: $30 plus the grommet
• Grip replacement: $15 plus the grip
• Grip resizing: $30

* FREE stringing with a prepaid 10-Stringings Punch Card

FREE racquet stringing assessment with the latest stringing technology-- Gamma ATS ERT 300 Tenniscomputer:

Racquet stringing assessment with Gamma ATS ERT 300 Tenniscomputer

With the ERT 300 Tenniscomputer, we'll know when it's time to restring your racquet. The display shows current string bed stiffness (dynamic tension), indicating the power and aggressiveness of play and alerts when it is time to restring. It provides us with highly precise measurement through an electronic simulation of the ball impact.

Endorsed and recommended by Grigor Dimitrov!

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News & Announcements

• Vasyl Yazadzhiev played very successfuly in the prestigious tournament GD World Junior Tennis Masters Turkey 2015.

Vasyl Yazadzhiev won the Little Mo Consolation Tournament in Florida for Boys-9

• Our junior clinics are now certified for independent PE program.

• We are proud to announce the new "Tennis and Language Program” for international tennis players. The program is for non-English speaking junior tennis players who can come and train at Santa Barbara School of Tennis as they learn English in a leading ESL program in Santa Barbara, California. For more information, please contact us.

Vasyl Yazadzhiev won the Little Mo Consolation Tournament in Florida for Boys-9

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